VERGE is a Game Creation Engine: A progam that exists to help you make games.

It was started in 1997 by Benjamin Eirich (aka vecna) and Brian Peterson (aka Hahn) to make 16-bit style RPGs akin to the Phantasy Star and Final Fantasy series.

Since then, it's been used to make pretty much any genre of game from the Super Nintendo / Genesis era.

Open Source

The current iteration of VERGE is open source under the BSD license. The repositories for it (and related projects) are as follows:

  • verge 3 - The main engine
  • psdmap - A tool to convert Adobe Photoshop image files into VERGE 3 maps.
  • maped2w - The previous version of the map editor, built in Allegro
  • v3 tiled - A set of tools for converting Verge 3 map and tileset formats into tiled-friendly formats, and vice-versa.
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