The VERGE 3 Manual

The reference manual for the VERGE 3 game creation engine.

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Talkback #6 written by evilbob on 2006-03-12.

I prefer automatic to manual, but that's me.

Talkback #5 written by RageCage on 2005-07-20.

Questions not directly relating to the manual should be asked in the verge help forum

Talkback #4 written by mcgrue on 2005-04-13.

Would you like that in html or plain text? (those are linked from the main doc section page, btw)

Talkback #3 written by anonymous on 2005-04-13.

I want to download the manual :(, i cant be botherd to copy each page.

Talkback #2 written by RageCage on 2004-12-22.

click on "current engine" in the side bar or just go to

Talkback #1 written by mcgrue on 2004-06-03.

Welcome to the v3 documentation.
User feedback on these documentation pages is welcome from all. However, we are mainly looking for user contribution to the manual, not clever comments.
Code snippets pertaining to the documentation page, or other on-topic suggestons to the reader of a page are encouraged. Corrections to the page are acceptable, but will be deleted when the correction is applied to the documentation.
Erroneous or off-topic talkbacks will be deleted.
If you are intrested in becoming an ifficial contributor to this manual, with the power to edit pages and create new ones, please email me (mcgrue AT (here) DOT com).

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