Verge 3.2 (2009/08/01) Release Notes

 * various speed ups, tweaks, and bugfixes
 * maps don't have to be in the game root directory any more
       * they still need to be somewhere underneath the root, and the
         vsp, map, and lua/vc files all have to be in the same place
 * no hard limit on number of sprites
 * New config options
       * logconsole / logconsole-normalstdout
             * Dumps log commands to stdout instead of v3.log
       * window_x_res, window_y_res
             * if your game is 320x240 but you want it windowed at 
               640x480 (effectively doubling the pixels)
 * New globally available functions, variables
       * printing stuff
             * all Print* functions respect newlines as you'd expect
             * font subsets
                   * use \f# inside of a string that gets passed to 
                     PrintString, PrintCenter, or PrintRight to switch 
                     subset # (0 is the first one, and the default)
       * IntExists, StrExists
             * Checks if the parameter is a name of an int or string
               in the VC variables.
       * GetInputKillSwitch, SetInputKillSwitch
             * If the InputKillSwitch is 0, verge ignores all input,
               allowing you to programatically manipulate the input
       * Triggers
             * trigger.after_playermove (executes after 
               PlayerMove("..."); is done AND when  
               EntityMove(playerent,"...") is done)
             * trigger.onEntityCollide (executes the user VC function
               it contains the name of whenever any entity hits any 
                   * event.tx and event.ty are the tile coodinates hit.
                   * event.entity is the entity who did the hitting.
                   * is the zone of the tile being struck,
                     as long as it was a tile obstruction being hit.
                     Otherwise, -1.
                   * event.entity_hit is entity index of the entity
                     being hit, as long as it was an entity-on-entity
                     collision. Otherwise, -1.
             * trigger.beforeEntityScript, trigger.afterEntityScript
                   * if trigger.beforeEntityScript is set to a vc
                     function name, that function will be called
                     before any entity's onActivate script is
                   * if trigger.afterEntityScript is set to a vc
                     function name, that function will be called
                     after any entity's onActivate script is
                   * both of these functions will have the proper
                     event.tx, event.ty, and event.entity values
                     available to them, just like the entity's
                     onActivate script does.
             * trigger.onStep, trigger.afterStep
                   * If they are set to the name of a vc script, said
                     script will fire everytime the player enters any 
                     new tile.
          * GetSystemSaveDir("my_app_name")
                * Get a place to save user data to.
          * Unpress(9) now unpresses all four buttons and all 
          * New Socket Stuff
                * SocketByteCount() (peeks at the count of bytes 
                   currently in the buffer)
                * SetConnectionPort(port)
                * SocketGetRaw(sock, len)
                * SocketSendRaw(sock, msg)
          * ListFilePattern() now works the same across platforms
          * GetPlayer() returns the entity that is currently assigned
            as the player
 * Lua stuff
       * all library functions are now in v3 table
             * function names are case insensitive FOR THIS TABLE
       * getter/setter, other fancy things for classes
             * see Overkill's vx for examples
       * all boolean variables and functions use ACTUAL booleans
       * garbage collection
             * use v3.GCHandle(handle, destructor)
                   * v3[destructor](handle) gets called when
                     handle goes out of scope
 * VergeC stuff
       * Dict functions DictContainsString and DictContains now
         match documentation
       * GetUserSystemVcFunctionByIndex(i)
       * GetUserSystemVcFunctionCount()

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