New to VERGE? Lost? We're here to help!

VERGE is a program that helps you make games.

Everything you need to make games with VERGE is included in the [packin demo]

There are two ways to make games with VERGE: with VergeC and with Lua. You cannot mix the two.

If you want to use vergeC, there's an awesome [Beginner's Tutorial], and there are some [introduction to vc coding tutorial] you may want to go over if new to scripting!

If you want to use Lua, which we recommend, there's A LuaVerge Tutorial. There's also a whole verge-related library called "vx". Click here for the VX Library Documentation.

The [manual] is full of reference! But I know I mainly use the search tool (at teh top of all pages).

The [forums] have many friendly people in them. If you need help, try asking in the [Help Forum]. You may want to [register] first, though!

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