Configuring verge.cfg

verge.cfg is a configuration file that controls some of the behaviour of Verge games. Things like screen resolution and windowed/fullscreen, sound settings, and various development helpers. Here is an example config:

# Screen settings
xres 320
yres 240
# Sound
nosound 0
# Fullscreen view
windowmode 0
// Use lua instead of VC
lua 1

Note the general syntax. There is one config setting per line. The # or // can be used as comments, which might be useful to document what setting does, or to toggle certain things during testing. But the comments should appear on their own line, not directly after a command, or you may get unexpected results.

Here is the full list of settings that can be put in a verge.cfg file:

  • xres res: width of screen in pixels.
  • yres res: height of screen in pixels.
  • nosound 0/1: disables the sound if set to 1. (Defaults to 0).
  • windowmode 0/1: 1 is windowed mode, 0 is fullscreen mode. (Defaults to 1).
  • automax 0/1: controls whether the window maximizes automatically (Defaults to 1)
  • releasemode 0/1: turns code compilation on or off. If compilation is off, Verge will load the last compiled version of a script. (Defaults to 0.)
  • startmap mapname: initial map to load.
  • vcverbose 0/1: controls whether or not verge generates vccverbose.txt during compilation (Defaults to 0)
  • editcode 0/1: you can reload and evaluate code at runtime. Incompatible with releasemode. (Defaults to 0)
  • lua 0/1: controls whether Verge should use Lua scripting, where 1 means use Lua and 0 means use VC (Defaults to 0)
  • soundengine id: switches the sound engine that Verge uses. An id of 0 is FMOD, and 2 is Audiere. (Defaults to 0)
  • logconsole: if this is present, the same output that would go to v3.log also goes to a console window that will spawn at runtime.
  • logconsole-normalstdout: if this is present, the same logspew will happen as with logconsole, excepting that if you manually repipe stdout, it'll go there instead of spawning a console window. This is very useful if you use TextPad to execute verge via it's 'tools' menu.
    Note that this config variable will not happen if logconsole is also active in the verge.cfg file.
  • gamerate frequency set the timer update frequency. Note that using the default of 100 is highly recommended unless you know what you're doing - changing this value will effect the timing of everything.

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