Event Variables

int event.tx, event.ty;
int event.zone;
int event.entity;
int event.param;

event.tx, event.ty - Triggering tile coordinates of this event, if applicable.

event.zone - Triggering zone of an event.

event.entity - Refers to the entity who triggered the event as well as the entity being rendered when hooking an entity render.

event.param - Parameter meant to be defined in maped next to the entity or zone's script name. currently unimplemented in the editor.


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Talkback #2 written by pthaloearth on 2008-04-06.

As of the latest revision these variables now reference events that have been stepped on and NOT adjacently activated.

Talkback #1 written by Wolf on 2004-08-26.

event.tx, event.ty and event.zone give respectively the x coord, y coord and zone ID of the last event triggered on the map.
But it only works when the event is 'adjacently activated'.
Not when the event has been activated by stepping on the zone tile.

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