Map Variables

int curmap.w;
int curmap.h;
int curmap.startx;
int curmap.starty;
int curmap.tileset;
string curmap.savevsp;
string curmap.rstring;
string curmap.path;

curmap.w, curmap.h: The width and height of the current map, in tiles.

curmap.startx, curmap.starty: The starting tile coordinate, specified in Maped3. EntitySpawn(curmap.startx, curmap.starty, "mygamehero.chr"); for the win!

curmap.tileset: An image handle to the current map VSP, that you CAN draw to (the image will be 16 pixels wide and 16*numtiles tall). You could duplicate this image a bit, to have the original untouched tileset, and ColorFilter()'d duplicates, that's blit over curmap.tileset to cause things like day-night effects. Neat!

curmap.savevsp: The filename of the map's VSP. Does not include the path (for that, reference curmap.path below.) The name of the current map, specified in Maped3. Not to be confused with its filename, curmap.path.

curmap.rstring: Sets the renderstring for the current map. This is in the format "1,2,3,E,4,5,R" - but you can have whatever you want basically. Putting multiple R characters in is useful, that way you can draw between several different layers: use HookRetrace() at the end of each function to specify the next one, or handle in one function with conditionals. The song that is played upon starting the map. Useful if you temporarily switch the song for a cutscene and then want to switch back the map's default.

curmap.path: The path and filename of the current map, relative to the Verge directory.


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