Joystick Variables

int joystick;
int joy.up;
int joy.down;
int joy.left;
int joy.right;
int joy.analogx;
int joy.analogy;
int joy.button[button];

joystick - Current joystick index for joy.* struct. [read/write] - Whether or not the joystick's connected and active. [0/1]

joy.up, joy.down, joy.left, joy.right - Whether or not joystick's in "up", "down", "left", or "right" position, respectively [0/1]

joy.analogx - Analog position of joystick x-axis. (-1000 max left, 0 center, +1000 max right)

joy.analogy - Analog position of joystick y-axis. (-1000 max up, 0 center, +1000 max down)

joy.button[button] - Whether or not a button is pressed (buttons 0 to 31 are valid) [0/1].


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