Window Managment Functions

  • WindowClose() Closes a window
  • WindowCreate() Creates another window
  • WindowGetHeight() Returns the height of the window.
  • WindowGetImage() Returns the image pointer for a window
  • WindowGetWidth() Returns the width of the window.
  • WindowGetXRes() Returns the horizontal resolution of the window's screen.
  • WindowGetYRes() Returns the vertical resolution of the window's screen.
  • WindowHide() Hides a window
  • WindowPositionCommand() Applies special window positioning logic
  • WindowSetPosition() Move a window to a specified position.
  • WindowSetResolution() Sets the resolution of the specified window.
  • WindowSetSize() Sets the size of the specified window.
  • WindowSetTitle() Set the new title for a window
  • WindowShow() Makes a specified hidden window become visible.
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