Sprite Functions

Sprites are visual elements that can be assigned images, layered, and manipulated. They're similar to entities in some ways, but they don't require a map, and are generated completely from scripts. These have a variety of uses, like rain effects or layering clothes on top of an entity.

Sprites don't have many functions, but they have plenty of variables to manipulate them. Read about them here.

  • GetSprite() Retreives a sprite handle.
  • ResetSprites() Frees all sprites.
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    Talkback #1 written by Omni on 2004-07-12.

    Sprites right now, function similar to what I assume are the graphics layers from Verge1, and sort of like graphics layers in Grenideer's Purge kit for V2, which he used in Diver Down. Essentially, once a V3 sprite is created, it's always displayed during a call to ShowPage(). This could be a health meter, an ever-present on-screen picture (for example, your team logo displayed on every screen in a demo), or anything else useful. The actual method of display is not finalized. It works, but Vecna may change it in the future, allowing the sprites to be displayed between different map layers. Right now the sprites are drawn to the screen at ShowPage(). Which....kind of means that you can't apply rendering effects (such as a fade-out) on top of the sprites. You could turn them off, or change their lucency. Creating your own TurnAllSpritesOff() function to loop through the sprites arrays might be a good idea if you plan to apply other rendering effects and don't want constant sprites in your way. Or a FadeAllSpritesOut() which uses lucency.

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