Since version 3.1, Verge has supported two languages: VC, the custom C-like scripting language written for Verge, and as a new addition, Lua ( Lua is a light-weight, simple-to-use scripting language which has gained widespread use in games and mods. This language addition was made possible through the hard work of zeromus and Overkill.

To enable Lua scripting in Verge, you must add one setting to your verge.cfg file:

lua 1

For those coming from a VC background, you will be happy to know there have been great pains to reproduce the built-in functionality of VC in Lua. And for the most part, it's very similar. The library did change around a fair deal between versions Verge 3.1, 3.14 and 3.2. It's recommended that everyone use Verge 3.2. For more info, read about the differences between Lua and VC here.

There is one drawback: Users may write their game systems in either language, but they can't use code from both languages in the same game. Porting to code from VC to Lua is relatively painless, but backporting Lua to VC will probably be a challenge, since VC lacks many of the dynamic features and flexible data structure capabilities that Lua has available to it.


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