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And the Winner Is choris 2002.12.31
Well not every team voted, but I think I've waited long enough. After adding the votes I did recieve and subtracting for those I didn't, I can now gladly present you with this!
It's Over So Let's Vote choris 2002.12.23
The entries can now be downloaded here. Each entering team needs to give me a list of their votes for the top five games (in order and excluding their own). I'll tally the results and post them as soon as I have them. Email me with your votes ASAP.
How to Submit choris 2002.12.23
Alright, the contest ends today at 10PM EST and you need to have submitted or be submitting your game at that time. To submit your game go to the vergesource and submit your game using this form. Ignore the verge engine version tag. After the contest ends I will update the contest page with the entries for everyone to download. Feel free to distribute your game before that time if you wish.
It Begins choris 2002.12.20
The contest has begun and the topic is "Holidays, or one specific holiday." Good luck and I will update with how to submit your game on Mon 23rd.
The Contest Begins Today! choris 2002.12.20
The topic will be given out at 10PM EST in the irc channel #xmas and on the contest page. There are 20 teams signed up as of this posting. I want to see almost all you of submit something people!
XMAS Compo Update choris 2002.12.13
Alright it's one week until the contest starts from today and so far there are ten teams signed up. I expect maybe one or two more people to sign up who haven't yet. Here's a few more details. The topic will be given out at 10PM EST on the 20th. I'll posted it here on the site and in the channel on irc. If you're curious, no neither me nor zara will now exactly what it will be until the contest begins. Tatsumi's working on a way for the entries to be submitted through the vergesource. More details on that later. I've also clarified a few of the rules if you haven't caught that yet.
72 Hour XMAS Compo choris 2002.12.03
This December we will be holding a competition open to all game-creation engines. We expect the main participants to be people from the Verge, Sphere, and Ika communities. For more info access the main page for the contest.
Our Best Update Ever! choris 2002.08.02
Well, here it is. This is the third and best incarnation of my Hours of Verge site. It is very much like the previous ones except for three things. (1) It looks better, (2) There are reviews, and (3) All of the games are listed in a section alphabetically. Right now I only have contests back to May 2000 up, but I plan to archive the oldest ones as soon as I have time to sort through them. Enjoy, write reviews, and give me feedback. Also, email me if you want to add Creator's Comments to one of your games.
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