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What does 'Hours of Verge' mean?
Well, foremost VERGE stands for Vecna's Extraordinary Roleplaying Game-Creation Engine. If you don't know what the hell that means you'd best venture to first. That said, 'Hours of Verge' contests are game creation contests held using the verge engine. The first ones were hosted way back when by a guy named xBig_D. This site is geared as a resource and archive for past, present, and future HoV contests, and other verge competitions.
How are these contests held?
Contests are held whenever and however someone wants to hold them. Typically, the participating teams are given a topic when the contest begins and are given an alot amount of time (hence hours of verge) to make a game! When time runs out the entries are submitted and judged either by judges or collectively. Other contests such as the Verge Olympics are held from time to time and vary from HoV contests in their rules and organization. I've decided to archive these kinds of contests here as well.
I wanna host a contest!
Go right ahead. If you're clueless as to how to go about it, take a look around the contest section for refrence or ask me. I'd be happy to help facilitate/promote your contest if I can.
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