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Okay. So. I may need help.

I've added rudimentary Steamworks integration into the Verge engine. Right now it's just the API, Get/Set/Clear Achievement, and the few helper functions those require. That part works fine. I've got my binary, it runs Dawnshadow, and I've awarded myself and revoked several Spacewar achievements inside Verge. Great.

This is the part I need help with. First, I am not a fluent coder, so I am sure there's a better way to implement this thing. Second, I'm not 100% certain how to put the source back into the repository without screwing anything up. Third, I have to build it in Visual Studio 2010, since trying to build it in VS2017 causes the vc compiler to stop functioning.

If there's anybody left that thinks they can help with any of that, I feel we'd all be better off for it. If you do want to help, I have at least one additional engine request I'm not certain I can do myself. But that's a separate issue.

Also, because it probably matters, this is off the 3.2 branch. I'm nearly 15,000 lines deep in vc with Dawnshadow. I'm not rewriting it in lua.

Posted on 2018-08-16 16:59:30

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