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I'm having some big problems using font subsets. The strange thing is, they work perfectly in my menu system, but in my shop system, I use the same exact method and they do not work at all. Here's what I do:

PrintString(MNU_FNT, "?"); //?=special ascii character for subsets
PrintString(MNU_FNT, "something");
PrintString(MNU_FNT, "~");

It looks like sometimes this works, and sometimes it doesn't. I have no idea what I did differently in my menu system for it to work, but I see no noticeable differences. Oh, and the ascii characters I used for the subsets are correct. I'm sure of that much...

Posted on 2004-02-01 16:16:22


It was an unrelated issue. My sprite palette wasn't loaded properly.

Posted on 2004-02-01 16:52:30

Displaying 1-2 of 2 total.
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