heh heh cross platform map editor?
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the one thing that's stoping me from doing what i really want to is the map editor.

i am a linux and mac user and i'd like to create a cross platform map editor with isometric capabilities. i really do not like windows very much, but i do have the system on a really old beatup computer that i have been doing a little programming on.

i actually thought about even creating my own engine at one point... pfft, that's not my problem, i am perfectly happy with verge's scripting and all, it's the map and character editor that i need. 'sides, i do not know enough programming (beyond php/mysql) to build an engine. buuuuuut i don't want to bother with that because the most complex thing i have done in programming was program a terminal based application that solved matrices and did some trigonometry.

so, despite my lack of programming skills, i am willing to help out as much i can to get one of those for verge. let me know who is interested.

Posted on 2007-08-21 14:56:50


I was working on making a multiplatform port of maped a year ago, but I lost my work due to an incident involving lots alcohol, three girls whose face I don't remember, a couple Linux distributions, and a corrupt partition table. (well, only the latter...)

A couple of days ago I restarted the work, and I know exactly what makes the current version of Maped3 not run on Mono. It's all fault of the Managed C++ interaction, that's it, Corona, the rendering engine (I don't know why they made it with C++), and Zlib. I already got rid of Zlib (kinda easy, using a version written in C#) and I'm working on the rendering engine. Corona is probably just going to be ditched for something else.

Posted on 2007-08-24 00:40:15


You could probably build an isometric rendering system in the scripting engine which uses custom datafiles.

And dammit, if you're gonna make thing thing under Linux, would it be too much to ask for the engine first? :p

Posted on 2008-07-01 13:49:05


As far as a version of verge that runs on linux: the gp2x branch should be able to. It's just that we don't have any active developers who are familiar with desktop linux to champion that side of things. I'm only a linux server guy, I'm afraid. CLI SKOOL.

Posted on 2008-07-01 15:29:21


I once got Verge to compile and run games under Ubuntu Gutsy, so I think it should run fine under other Linux distros too. The code's all in the SVN, all you should need to do is download the SDL package (that gives you sdl-config and all the headers and stuff), then build Verge with the makefile in the linux folder. Afterwards, you should have a file "verge3", which you can run!

It's about as featured as the Mac build (pretty much IS the Mac sbuild with a couple minor things like #ifdefs for endianness on files), minus a few things involving GUIs (MessageBox, the edit code window) which I know nothing about how to write natively.
Note that the lack of MessageBox means exiting with errors will just silently close the program and then log the error to v3.log.

The only thing really preventing it from playing Sully was the fact that the filename weren't loaded with consistent capitalization. So in some areas things would be loaded by a lowercase name, other places files would be loaded with camelcase, or whatever.

Is it that hard to actually load the files with the same case as their actual name used on disk? >:(

Posted on 2008-07-01 23:08:49


These facts score high on the awesome-o-meter.

Posted on 2008-07-02 04:40:34


So are you a Bad Enough Dude To Compile The Linux?

Posted on 2008-07-02 15:02:09


Probably not. I need to summon up the time and energy to install a half-decent Linux distro on the EEE, and I suck at SVN,

But goldarnit I intend to try, as soon as I get the time.

On a side note:
Is there some design reason why more maped and chrmak functions can't be built into the engine directly? CHRMak's functions especially seem like they could be performed as part of the compilation procedure - rather than having a pre-compiled CHR file, Verge could load the MAK and source image directly, and compile the result into something like (but not nessicarily actually) SYSTEM.XVC, so that it doesn't have to repeat the process every time.

Maybe it's too much like effort, I don't know.

Posted on 2008-07-02 18:31:40 (last edited on 2008-07-02 18:39:31)

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