Possible Vista problem for V3?
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I just found out something from MAXIMUM PC (Spring '07 Special Issue), that could cause problems for when installing the game you made on Vista. It's not a bug, but rather a problem that I've found in a magazine article. Apparently in Vista, the Program Files folder is now READ ONLY access. That means that you CAN'T write save files in the same directory as your game. If you were to attempt to create a file called 'c:\Program Files\<app_name>\save1.sav', then it would instead save it to 'c:\Users\<your_account>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\<app_name>\save1.sav". This would cause problems for when your game attempts to call the file again.

I'm sure that if you have the program saved in places OTHER than in Program Files, then you might be alright. I'm not sure about this, since I still have XP.

Posted on 2007-10-02 22:49:41


This is not new in Vista. The Program Files folder is readonly for anyone that isn't an administrator (and all you know that for security, one should never do everyday work as admin), but on previous versions of windows, the program would just fail when trying to write to the folder.

Posted on 2007-10-15 13:51:31

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