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What are the conditions for gaining an avatar now?

Posted on 2004-03-08 00:58:10


Right now it's pretty much "do something"

Posted on 2004-03-08 01:11:19


If you release a demo with v3, or help with the website, you get an avatar.

Posted on 2004-03-08 10:16:13


So if I made a public music pack and got it on the music section of the file page, that would earn me an avatar?

Posted on 2004-03-08 21:34:12


That's not exactly the 'helping with the website' I had in mind. Or else people would just go raid modarchive and the such and ask for an avatar.

If you made a silly little jukebox demo in v3, however... ;)

Posted on 2004-03-08 22:00:24



Posted on 2004-03-08 23:00:59


OK, what if me and Rage made an uber textbox-jukebox demo? With monkeys. Butler monkeys.

Posted on 2004-03-09 14:16:17


I made a silly thing that will randomly generate isometric terrain (smooth like Simcity 3000 terrain, not like Simcity 2000). You can scroll around the map and there are different colors for different elevations, and there is water. You can also turn the grid lines on and off. It doesn't do anything beyond that yet, and it is still really buggy (it crashes or acts weird if you go too far away from the location it defaults to). It also takes about 1.5 minutes to generate the map using a fractal sort of method.

Should I bother uploading it?

Posted on 2004-03-09 20:48:34


Yes, cause then maybe I can figure out whats crashing it!

Posted on 2004-03-09 22:24:58


How the hell do non-programmers like me get an avatar? O_O there's no way I could release a demo..

Posted on 2004-03-10 02:46:55


Well Arias, you were on the Diver Down team. That's how I got my avatar. That's a good contribution for an artist, I'd say.

Posted on 2004-03-10 06:26:17


Oh *that* arias!

Yeah, email me your avatar and I'll put it up.

Although making a game will be a simple task for even artists when we're done with the documentation... we're not yet done with the documentation.

Or started with it, either. ;)

Posted on 2004-03-10 12:00:36


how many arias-es are there? O_O...

Thanks gren :D never imagined I would earn an avatar ^_^ Will it be seriously that simple? :P oh well.. I'll wait and see.. I'll mail you my avatar soon.. when I have time to create it, thanks!

Posted on 2004-03-10 18:49:19


C'est ce qu'il s'appelle du préférentisme :)))



Posted on 2004-03-10 20:49:58


[i]Yes, cause then maybe I can figure out whats crashing it![/i]
Different project. The one that crashes is my Scorched Earth clone (which I will definitely upload once it is functional and I have all the bugs worked out).

Posted on 2004-03-10 21:15:09


Gurvy, all I understood from that post for sure was the 'Arf'.

I think there was an 'is' and a 'name' in there. Not too sure about the name, tho.

Posted on 2004-03-11 02:24:04


Heh... All these clones inspired me to do a Balloon Fight clone in Verge3. I'll upload it later this week, as the game is practically done. ;)

Posted on 2004-03-11 02:24:04 (last edited on 2004-03-11 02:24:19)

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