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Hi, I'd like to know how do to design a King's Quest VI interface in Verge.. For those unfamiliar with the game, here are some screenshots :,131/

In some scenes, the character actually gets smaller when you manuevere him into the background. How is this achieved? By the verge engine rendering the sprite CHR? I'm only an artist so I am very unfamiliar with design issues, but I'd like to attempt creating an adventure style game.

Another question, if I want to pick up programming/coding for Verge, where do I start?

Posted on 2004-03-07 01:47:55


Okay, this type of interface is done by specifying in your code a false scaling plane for your map. Pulling something like this off in VERGE is possible, but it's not something for the beginner.

If it's an Adventure game you're out to make, although I'd personally love to see one in VERGE, if you're just starting out there are perhaps better engine. Falth (or anyone else that knows), what's the freeware kit used to make SCUMM-like games?

For those wanting to learn, there'll be better examples ni the future, but presently all we can offer is this set of v2 tutorials.

Posted on 2004-03-07 04:24:56


Which is to say that you would not be using the built in entity system.

Posted on 2004-03-07 07:57:05


Yeh, you wouldn't be using the built in entity system, because the map it walks on is top down. You want to set up some kind of Golden Axe style ground where you can only walk up and down a little bit. This little bit looks bigger when you scale the character smaller as it walks into the background. But you'd need to make your won entity system, which is just to say that you'll need to track an image's position on screen and scale it based on that. And of course you'll need to deal with animating the image (or choose which image to show) based on movement.

Verge maps don't really coincide with these adventure game style maps. Not that it can't be done in v3, but I agree with vec that it's not really the best engine.

Is this for that Key game you're working on? Or you're starting your own project?

Posted on 2004-03-07 22:24:57


well, seeing as verge is designed towards making rpg's not point and click adventures, there are other engines designed for that (like SCUMM, SCI studio and AGS)

I worked on a kings quest like game while waiting for v3. (explains my abscence during v2 era)

doing it in verge would be too much for me, even though it is still possible.

v3 , i think, is best for rpgs, which is what it's intended to be originally. which growing more popularity as it nears its launch. YAY! did you read the v3 status? it's exciting.we're going to see more original rpgs like diver down. (not those cut and paste rpgmaker types that all look the same)

Posted on 2004-03-08 00:23:57


Hey gren, got your great e-mail :) It was very enlightening, and I'll keep it in my design file for future inspiration for sure :D I think right now I do realise it's a big task and I'm not having much expectations of completing the project because the basic outline isn't even laid yet.

Anyways, I'm not very technically (in terms of coding) able, but I get the gist of what you guys are saying. But it would be pretty difficult creating an individual entity system.. Or creatively manipulating the current V3 system to get my desired effect..

Oh yeah Gren, this isn't the 'Key' project.. For 'Key' I'm just involved in the cutscene art at the last stages.. So actually I'm pretty much in doubt of whether this particular project will be completed at all. I haven't heard from the lead for quite some time.. We'll see if this eventually becomes vaporware or not.

This project started from a thought of mine, and like you said, I did put music as the last priority (because anw it could be composed better if the composer had more to look at), but I wasn't sure whether graphics/programming would take the lead. Thanks for the tip :) I actually drew up the entire schedule and design questions and requirement. This game I'm undertaking is definitely not RPG with its character building and extended tasks.. I imagine it should be quite linear and more mood based.

It's kind of a gothic-horror-mystery game (think Poe's The Fall of the House of Usher) :P I'm deciding between the normal RPG interface against the King's Quest one. The RPG interface is probably easier to accomplish, and I'm more familiar with the Verge community.. But with the KQ interface, it would provide a sense of 3D scope and definitely a bigger role for background art, which would significantly aid to build the mood and atmosphere.

Hmm.. think I'm typing too much here already :PI'll get back when the plot is more concrete and we have a better idea of the execution of the game.. :) Thanks everyone!

Posted on 2004-03-08 02:08:46


btw, very nice demo fatdork :D i like it :D

Posted on 2004-03-08 04:43:47

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