I need your opinion about naming functions.
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I'm creating a couple of useful functions for rendering things like windows and such. I remember a bit about how to do it from back when I modified Lord Fruitiger's unfinished menu system for my own use (I wish I had released it then).

Now, my main problem: I want to release these functions as separate vc files (like in the timeless demo) which you can simply #include at will. Now, I know that someone will or already has created a function called RenderMenu or something like that, that could do any of a number of things, possibly taking in the arguments for the dimensions of a menu to render.

So, how far should I go to make my function names unique so they won't interfere with other works? I'm not a big fan of functions with names like ZodiakosSuperduperWindowRENDERERv2(); ... so how far should I go, and to what lengths should I go to to try an make sure the function name is something useful, like the aformentioned RenderWindow? Would a simple ZRenderWindow() suffice? I'd like your thoughts.

Posted on 2004-02-16 06:39:24


How about a BZ_[functionname], like BZ_RenderWindow()? Seems to work well for Zaratustra, who uses Z_ in his functions.

Posted on 2004-02-16 07:01:00


I personally think the best method of naming such functions would be to prefix it with an acronym representing your library. However, rpgking's idea is just as effective. Either works.

It's a good habit to stick to one naming scheme, however. Choose one and stick with it.

Posted on 2004-02-16 09:47:37


What?? He uses Z_? That Brazillian whore! (note, he's still awesome)

Posted on 2004-02-16 11:07:44 (last edited on 2004-02-16 11:08:16)


Cool, I think I'll go with ZML_name() for Zodiakos Menu Library. :D Thanks everyone for your wonderful suggestions. :D

Posted on 2004-02-16 16:44:02

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