Old game from VERGE's hayday
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Hello friends!

I'm happy to see that VERGE is still alive! A while back, I searched for VERGE on the internet, and found that all traces of its existence vanished! I was starting to thing that I imagined that whole experience!

Today I searched for ("Verge C" rpg maker), and BOOM! I found this site! Yay! I'm not loosing my mind! hehe

Anyway, the reason I was looking for Verge again is because I'm trying to find a game from waaaaaaaaay back when VERGE first started, and there was a whole ton of "indie" RPGs made with it.

One game in particular had a very awesome tune playing in the background. I cannot for the life of me remember the game's name, but I remember its description saying that it was "inspired by white wolf", or was it white fang?

The game has a "cyberpunk" feel to it, and is set in the not so distant future. The game starts with the protagonist catching his wife cheating on him. The protagonist had black hair, and wore sunglasses. The game didn't have a battle system (then again, VERGE didn't have a battle system in those days yet! Hehehe)

By any miracle, does someone know what that game was called? Is there an archive of old (er, "ancient") demos being kept somewhere on the internet?

Unrelated to that, did VERGE ever get back with his girlfriend "Luna"? Hehehe. I remember visiting her website, and sending her an email asking her to give VERGE a second chance! Hahaha. The things I remember! (why couldn't the name of this game be one of them??)

Oh, and does anyone remember the game where the protagonist was a little red crab?? Hahaha! Such memories!

Posted on 2017-02-04 05:09:56


Can't say I know the game you're trying to find, but I can send you to the directory which may jog your memory. Here's the link: http://verge-rpg.com/downloads/directory/

Hope you find the game you're looking for :)

Posted on 2017-02-08 02:24:07


The Cyberpunk/White Wolf Game was Deicide.

The archives are right here! But it takes a little work to play some. DOSBox might be the easiest way for verge 1 games.

Posted on 2017-03-17 00:30:02


Here's the link to Deicide, with a winverge executable inside:


Posted on 2017-03-17 00:30:59

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