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Based on the title screen, wouldn't it technically be "shipu"? Shouldn't there be a mini "tsu" between the "shi" and "pu" to make it a double consonant?

Posted on 2004-03-04 01:54:17


fanboi alert! :D

Posted on 2004-03-04 02:11:50


If you wanted to get even more technical it should be written in Katakana, and not Hiragana because it's a western word. (I'm assuming. It sounds English enough anyway. :P)

But yeah, you're right. :P

Posted on 2004-03-04 03:15:53 (last edited on 2004-03-04 04:03:47)


You can write it in Hiragana if you want a 'cute' look to your letters.

Posted on 2004-03-04 04:09:06



But yeah, I noticed that too. It really should be Shipu or you should put a small tsu in there.


Posted on 2004-03-04 04:42:51


Ahhh, I was unaware. Basically what I know of Japanese is what was taught in the two courses I took in it during high school. We always stuck to the "formal" and "polite" way of doing things. Thanks for the clarification. :) Great game either way!

Hola Troupe! Haven't seen you around for awhile. Maybe I'll catch you on IRC some time. :)

Posted on 2004-03-04 05:38:50 (last edited on 2004-03-04 07:30:23)


Hop on #vergehelp! And go to to hear my latest tunes.

Posted on 2004-03-04 14:17:40

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