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Is Sully 1.5 going to be given new graphics and sound effects in addition to the new library? Will it contain more story content than the original?

I mean, of course, after the first version of Sully 1.5... If you go back to it.

Posted on 2004-03-02 02:28:58


The primary changes to Sully 1.5 will be a new menu system and a fully functional battle system. There may be some tweaks to the story, but if there were we wouldnt tell you... ^_^ but in any case, basically, not really. I wouldnt expect any major changes.

We are certainly not really going to redo all the graphics, at least, not for a good long while. Once Sully 1.5 is complete we will immediately resume development on our brand new sully game. That game will be the real v3 showcase with fancier graphics and whatnot. Its design has been established for a while, and it already has a full, awesome, and totally original soundtrack made for it :o

But after that, ehm, yeah, I think you will see Sully 1.5 continue to be upgraded as it was with each major release of V1. So who knows.

Posted on 2004-03-02 03:34:07


Yeah, y'alls'll just have to wait and see!

Posted on 2004-03-02 22:26:57

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