sup dudes
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Recent replay of FF6 = I wanna make a game again.

Starting Phobos Project over, mostly to drop the 640x480 res I was using before and go back to that sweet, sexy 320x240. This will cut graphics work by 75%. And speed up the slower parts (like the faked mode7 on the world map) a lot. Looking forward to also getting rid of some crappy music from the older version.

At least until I get my desktop fixed so I can play Skyrim again. No really, I will try not to disappear completely like I did years ago. I felt a little guilty every time I thought about this project I completely abandoned.

I guess if the site is still here, other people are still doing Verge stuff, right?

So how do I do this programming thing again? :P

Posted on 2012-01-03 04:03:19

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