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After a multi-year hiatus, Troupe is busting back onto the scene. Although it is doubtful than anyone remembers him in the first place, as his VERGE career was a long, arduous, and rather unfruitful one. However, he's now back at it, and producing some great songs for your listening enjoyment. Please check out:

to hear samples of his work. If you like them, respond to the post, or send an email and tell him to make some phat trax. Or... not... Put any necessary song info in the email, like genre, style, mood, setting, or other redundant information. He'll produce a brilliant, soaring orchestral score (or raging death metal, depending). If you like it, you can use it. If you don't, he will give you his address, and you can send him Anthrax, or come to his house and murder him with a chainsaw. Either way, all he asks is that you give him credit for his work, and if you feel up to it, hefty sums of money (Author's note: This is entirely optional).



Posted on 2004-03-02 02:54:08 (last edited on 2004-03-10 14:04:47)


OK, the site works now. Please respond to this message, it will give me something to do besides troll the boards.

Posted on 2004-03-02 23:51:07


Here I am whoring myself out to you people, and this is the kind of gratitude you give me? At least feign an interest to keep me occupied.

Posted on 2004-03-04 01:18:38


Why not make a serie of song and put it at the disponibility of every one.

like a battle song, boss battle-song, oh-no-that-good-guy-died song, the-evil-guy-is-here-because-we-hear-his-music song etc ^^

Posted on 2004-03-04 01:48:27


I like your town song! But I don't like how the snare drum sample clicks at the end. ;D

Posted on 2004-03-04 03:52:54


Fixing it. I'll give you the link in mIRC.

And thats a good idea, maybe I'll make a "VERGE Song Pack" that people can use. Like a tileset, but much, much sweeter.

Posted on 2004-03-04 04:32:55


Why do you all hate me...?


Posted on 2004-03-09 23:35:37


I don't want you to take offense, but when I read "commission," I think "money," something I'm completely devoid of at the moment. :\

Posted on 2004-03-10 00:53:54


Whoops. Don't think "money". Think, "Troupe has nothing better to do with his time." Yeah, no money involved, for those of you in the same boat as Tralu.

Thanks, I'll reword that part.

Posted on 2004-03-10 14:01:50

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