You must put this song in Sully somewhere. :D
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I know I mentioned it a while back, but I actually have the songs up for download now. :D

The one you all know and love:

and the remix. :D


Oh my gods, I can't believe I didn't notice that they are actually 3 different songs. I just assumed Aurora.mod was the rip, because the info in r_etrnal seemed authentic, but after listening to them both, I don't know which one is a rip! It could always be that Aurora.mod was an earlier version. I'm going to check mod archive to see if the author of r_etrnal is a blacklisted ripper.

Posted on 2004-02-17 06:41:40 (last edited on 2004-02-17 06:43:56)


I think you mean aurora

Posted on 2004-02-17 07:07:33


Ahahaha. The date in r_etrnal is in 1998. That's well after it showed up in sully chronicles

I like the remix though. Of course, Zath has made like 513740812 aurora remixes that kick the crap out of this but that's ok. :D

Posted on 2004-02-17 07:08:46 (last edited on 2004-02-17 07:10:04)


After thinking about it, I think that r_etrnal might be the finished version of Aurora. But it's so odd that he renamed it... Okay, now I think it probably is a rip. It's strange that someone named the remix after r_etrnal if it was indeed a rip, but maybe they were just as gullible as me. :D

I actually heard that song about a year ago as I was clicking the Random Song button on Mod Archive, I was kind of surprised to hear it. :D

Posted on 2004-02-17 07:14:13


zathras has remixed Aurora.mod like eight hundred million times.

We should start a shrine page...

Posted on 2004-02-17 07:18:44


I remember finding those remixes on modarchive a while back. They're superneat! And also a reason why the unmentioned Goddess of the Sully universe is named "Aurora".

Posted on 2004-02-17 18:15:26


There's only one Goddess? How droll and Lunar ;(

Posted on 2004-02-17 20:19:03

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