(beginner) Having troubles figuring out how to do what i want it to
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I'm real new to a lot of this, but I've been following the tutorial to the best of my knowledge, but the things i want my game to do aren't in the tutorial. They've been discussed in the forums but an actual how to was not explained, least in a way that was understood. without further ado, my issues.

1. I can't figure out how to create/edit the chr files. (i want to do diagonal movement, running, talking, cutscene and battle animations).

2. When i turn on the game i want it to play a little story cutscene thingy where as soon as you press a button it skips to the save/load/new game menu.

3. Creating the save load menu and putting silly animations in the corner

4. Making a speed based battle system like in Chrono Trigger, where if more than one meter is past a certain point you can combine attacks, I don't know if i want to combine attacks with other characters per-se, more like if stamina and magic are both past a certain stamina and magic percentage then you can do a better attack.

5. I don't want to wait for my allies/enemies to finish their animations to start preparing the next attack, I want the battle menu on the go constantly so i can prompt the next guy/enemy to attack after the animation's done.

6. Make it so you can actually see encounters on the map, none of this random encounter stuff.

7. i want a big party, like 10 allies fighting at once, I also want them to get separated to smaller groups in certain events.

Bit of a list but that's what I want to make out of this, as a beginner i know i have a longway to go animation alone, but I'm sure if i take the right baby steps then my dream game may just become a reality.

Posted on 2014-07-22 21:09:59


Guy...all the stuff you wrote is a LOT of work. Considering vergeC is not something like rpg maker xp where most of the stuff is already made.
To create a chr file, you need two things: an image file, where all the animation frames are stored (that is: the picture of your character walking right, left, etc.) and a .mak file, that stores the way your character moves, the frame size, etc, considering that the image file has a grid (or better, you have to had one pixel on the top and one pixel to the left of your frame. That pixel won't be part of the frame). Then, open via command-line interface chrmak5.exe, and create the chr file. However, this is only a short explanation, here you can find some more useful stuff:

Posted on 2014-07-26 13:58:36


Yeah i kinda went nuts with my ideas while writing this, and i have been dicking around with scripting with VopenCHR all week, so i'll focus on the sprite restrictions i encountered for now, and i'll deal with menus and battles and that jazz later
I really want to make diagonal animations and idle animations for now, but i can only figure out how to do the walking animations, idle's making me kinda mad that when i enter say F1W10 it just goes black
also 16X32 is a pissoff but i guess i can sluff off not having stuff like cows eating grass and stuff like that

Posted on 2014-07-27 23:38:08


you can change the frame size as you wish. In every chr all the frames have the same size tho.

Posted on 2014-07-28 11:47:03


There isn't any battle system with set functions to make people fight with swords or whatever but for my game I have a fight scene and I am going to have the characters hold swords as apart of their chr file (a few frames) and I will have them both kind of bump into each other with the swords. I'm a beginner at this so I am not making it too complicated.

Posted on 2014-07-30 13:15:44


The menu can be done easily. If you have microsoft paint, then design a small (note that) image of what you want the menu to look like. go to http://rysensoft.com/Verge/ and download the tutorial. don't worry though, the tutorial does not have to be your game but a practice file. Do all of the sections, the final is the menu. There is no menu.pcx (you'll understand when you get there) so that's when you go on microsoft paint and make the image 220 x 330 pixels.

Also, in the menu section, you can change what you want to see in the menu (sections, what-not) but I'm still working on making the menu do things which is why i'm checking out the sully chronicles vc files. as for creating animations, don't bother, I'm pretty sure it won't work. for more info on the menu, check out the forums, where i started a discussion on menus

Posted on 2014-08-03 16:53:17

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