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I realize this seems to have gone quiet for about 2 years, but I recently had to curiosity to try out JVerge as it looks quite promising. Got the distributions from github and imported into Eclipse seemingly fine, and attempted to get a foothold on how it works, but while trying to build any of the 3 demos it complains it cannot find this object/Class.

Description Resource Path Location Type
The import core.TileObject cannot be resolved MapDynamic.java /JVerge/src/domain line 16 Java Problem

The AK and PS /redist .jars ran well btw, but thats beside the point. Sully outright locks up at the main menu, but this is a known problem on a multi core machine.

I am no expert with Java, but it seems there should be a TileObject.java source file in the JVerge src/core DIR. However this does not appear to be present and Eclipse search features can not find the declaration anywhere.

sooo either:
1) Was this accidently left out of the distribution?
2) Was this intentially left out of the distribution?
3) It IS there ~ but I just don't know how/where to inform Eclipse builder where it is.

If anyone has a copy of TileObject.java source laying around, could you please drop it somewhere


Posted on 2014-09-11 00:26:47


VergeC (language of Verge) is not compatible with Eclipse because it was a custom made language and engine so don't try to run it with Eclipse. I tried and failed.

Posted on 2014-09-11 19:39:58


Thanks for the response M_Dragon.
As far as I can tell, there is no .vc code in there, it is all .java and it should build in Eclipse. Done more dredging this evening and it appears like there is code missing from this distribution. The PS redist jar contains a file TileObject.class, which is a compiled java class, so rafael_esper succeeded. is he still around? Sully and AK .jars do not contain the .class file but I'm guessing that is b/c they don't implement DynamicMap.

Hoping someone may have a confirm/deny/solution to this apparently missing src file.

Posted on 2014-09-12 02:20:52


Figured this out. Posting in case this helps anyone else.

It seems that the JVerge engine currently in github HEAD is fine, but it will not build any of the three demo games posted with it ~ smoothly out of the box at anyway.

I resorted to determining the entry point to this code in the demos, strip it down to merely loading a V3 map, then I was able to Build All successfully and now slowly try to add my own ancient verge material to it.

Posted on 2014-09-13 05:33:19


Hello, Krybo.

Sorry for the long delay for replying. I don't enter here as often as in the past, because it's hard to have any news nowadays...

The biggest accomplishment I got with JVerge was to remake the original Phantasy Star I and add a lot of extensions to it, making a full playable RPG - in fact, some players got to the end of the story, and that was very satisfying.

I really want to get back to the project. I was planning to extend it to the Android platform, but before that I need to deal with some technical issues in order to improve the engine.

I'm going to closely look at each of your comments regarding JVerge, and if you want to get in touch, reply here. Also, it would be good if more Vergers were willing to join the project.

Best regards,
Rafael, the Esper

Posted on 2014-10-27 00:51:03


Hey there!

Given the activity on Verge the last few years sadly I can totally understand not coming around too frequently.

I am an ancient verger previously known as "Fire Warrior" ~ although I no longer use that alias. Was active mainly with Verge1 during 1997-2001.

In late August, once I got over the bump of learning git (spoiled by SVN) and setting up Eclipse to use JVerge in full force ~ I was able to take off with it.

At this time I have successfully updated => V3 and ported most of my old Verge1 Arena.map and put in Sully characters with test zones to try things out. I understand JVerge was intended as a V3 port, but I can testify that it is possible to implement Verge1 content as well.

I now have a branch of JVerge that will successfully build the Phantasy Star I remake as well as my own content. As per the OP, it was failing fresh out of github due to TileObject not being present in the engine. I did this by reverting to a 2012 commit of the engine, getting it working error free with my old content, then manually merging your 2014 commits back into it.

Afterward, I made a sweep of all the ~300 compiler warnings that were present under Eclipse Luna with Java 8. Most of them were harmless, but its good to have them eliminated.

My major findings:

1) TileObject in github HEAD (already mentioned)

2) I found I couldn't draw to the [screen] and have it persist with core.Script functions. Because the map redraw would Kabosh everything 50-100x per second. So I created an implementation of Verge 1 "VC Graphics Layers" that works very well and can be used directly from core.Script without having to implement your own system of non-map based graphics.

3) *Some* Threads in the sound system are killed by Thread.stop.. which is deprecated and causing compiler warnings. These were the only warnings I had to @supress b/c the sound system was intricate and I couldn't figure out how to call Thread.interrupt() on them to terminate them in the "new proper way". Also it doesn't seem like pause/resume is implmented in the sound system. Likely you just didn't get to it. This would be nice for switching music to battle scenes and resuming the originating music.. etc.

I believe my engine modifications are near complete for what I imagine myself and most old/new vergers needing. My ultimate goals for what I want to make out of it are still unclear at this point, but the power of what we have here is limitless, and thanks to Eclipse, content assist, quite easy to modify the engine.

So if you decide to get back into it, I'll be happy to pass along what I have done. I'm in the process of implementing a new form of Textbox that will follow entities on the map and still allow your player to move.

Posted on 2014-10-28 03:21:12


Nice findings!

There is a lot of pending things to do, like making the code more object oriented, and create unit tests for it. I've solved the Sully problem, but I need to synchronize the code.

I'm also going to fix the missing TileObject class this weekend. I can give you access to the repository, so you can upload your new code.

Best regards,

Posted on 2014-10-30 13:28:45


Where's this git repo?

Posted on 2014-11-01 04:18:42


The github repository links were announced by yourself in a post on late 2012. They are on the Verge-rpg first page.

In 2013 I focused all my efforts to finish the Phantasy Star remake, and they have been commented on PSAlgo and PSCave forums.

I hope I can get some help on 2015 to improve the engine. Running it on Eclipse IS a big thing, as mentioned before by Krybo.

By the way, I've just uploaded the TileObject.java class. It was part of a generalization of the Map object, as I want it to be created not only by .map Verge files, but also dynamically (e.g. reading from images) and other formats (e.g. Tiled).

Best regards,

Posted on 2014-11-01 16:18:36


Hey there, I ended up with less time then anticipated this weekend, I only got 3 hrs in on Sunday. Needless to say this wasn't enough to finish my dynamic text boxes nor check out the TileObject (Thanks for addressing that). So I'm thinking I could push the engine's last merge to master (before i started working on those boxes), into github ~ this week sometime.

If you would grant me access, that would be great. Although I'm not sure how to best privately communicate credentials from this site. Granted ~ I still need to make myself a github account, I am quite new to git.


Posted on 2014-11-03 03:41:54


I think I need just your username on github in order to give write access to the repository. I'm not sure if there is other way (like an access link), but I'm going to check the next weekend.

Posted on 2014-11-05 01:34:35


OK, I figured pushing a tag to my own (brand new) github repo first is best to provide Rafeal a merging point for my engine edits.

It is public however I do not intend to continue pushing to here and would rather use the location Rafeal already setup. I have a few commits beyond this. We will see what you think of it so far.

The git comments are verbose and should be easy to follow.

Most of my new code is in core.JVCL and domain.TileGroup
(Although I expect that to have minor conflicts with TileObject as I used ti to kludge DynamicMap into working without much knowledge of whats was originally intended), core.Script, and core.GUI.


I would like to collaborate with development, however my time is expected to be light over the next few weeks, ~12 hrs per week, for both any engine projects and uses of it for my own works.

Posted on 2014-11-06 06:43:30


Hello, Krybo. I was able to glance at your code, and it seems to be very good. Please, keep the good work!

I couldn't find the time to import it to my repository, but I plan to do it soon. The next tasks I would like to accomplish are:

1) Put it on Maven;

2) Create a minimal documentation for it (is there anyone here willing to read it? Yes? No?)

3) Check some issues with VGM player (like looping)

4) Implement key mapping (b1,b2,b3,b4)

5) Make it more OO (less static methods, no public properties, no static imports)

6) Fix some last issues on Phantasy Star remake.

7) Fix the intro of Sully.

8) Add logging capabilities (instead of system.out/err)

9) Implement missing functions on Script

10) Add more tests and Javadoc.

As you see, there is a lot of work to do, and this list does not include porting it to Android / mobile.

Best regards,
Rafael, the Esper.

Posted on 2014-11-10 12:25:12

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