V3: mouse cursor not showing up in game window.
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After playing with the engine for a while, I have a design and a direction for where I want my game to go.I would like the menu to be navigated via the mouse, but I am having one problem: the cursor disappears as soon as it is inside the game window. Is it required to write code to made the cursor show in the game window, or am I just experiencing an error? I found in the documentation how to check for mouse location, and tried using blit() in a loop to show at least some kind of cursor and I ensured that windowmode is set to 1, but to no avail. Could anyone help?

TLDR: Mouse Cursor disappears when in the game window. Is this a bug or is code required to display the cursor?

Posted on 2016-10-11 02:32:30


Unfortunately, you will have to draw a mouse cursor yourself. You can use HookRetrace to run code each frame, and then get the mouse position and draw a cursor there.



Good luck!

Posted on 2016-10-11 14:03:18

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