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If you need your email changed so you can recover an old account, please request this here. Note: I may require some sort of proof before you are granted this account.

Posted on 2004-02-12 06:06:39


I just have a request for you to completely delete the "rpgking" account. I'm gonna eventually change the name on this account to rpgking. That other account is really old, and I think it might have been under an outdated address. Anyway, i don't think I'll ever use that account again... I was able to recover this account since I signed up for it with my current e-mail address in 2003.

Posted on 2004-02-13 06:02:28


Deleted. You posed a lot with that account back in the day, right?

Because it effected quite a few rows when I ran the query (190ish)... and I'd hate to think I'll need to restore integrity to the DB already ^_^;

Posted on 2004-02-13 07:37:18


Haha, yeah, I'm sure there are a lot of posts with that account that spans a few years. I think it might have been created before 2000...

Posted on 2004-02-13 15:15:48


Whoops. That was me :/

Posted on 2004-02-13 15:16:34


Please delete the account Arek75. That was an acct I made several years ago, before I figured out how to get the old site to send me my password (yes, that was possible, though difficult, to do).


Posted on 2004-02-14 02:03:12



Posted on 2004-02-14 02:45:06


I lost my 'shlock' account... the old e-mail account(, I believe) is gone now, so I can't recover. It needs to be changed to aaron (at)

Posted on 2004-02-14 18:07:38


All the old messages now point to your new account, and your old account has been deleted. You may change your username whenever you want.

Posted on 2004-02-14 19:03:29



Posted on 2004-02-14 19:26:58


OK, since I no longer am going to use my "farmerbob" account for this site, do you think you can point all old links to my current account?

Posted on 2004-02-16 01:19:50


Roger that.

Posted on 2004-02-16 02:57:10


Okay, essentially, I have two accounts here. There is an account with the name 'gungnir', and this account 'gunny'. I could only activate the 'gunny' account as it uses my current e-mail. I'm assuming that I can't change the username for this 'gunny' account to 'gungnir' because that already exists. Could 'gungnir' be deleted? Would you require come proof before doing so? Then again, you don't have to do this if you don't want to... as it really is just nitpicking :)

If it is possible though, that would be groovy.

Thanks in advance.

Posted on 2004-02-17 01:52:36


Gungnir: Done.

Posted on 2004-02-17 02:32:14


Okay, I managed to get into one of my old accounts to update the name, but the other eludes me. So if you could, please, go in and either destroy or redirect or whatever the GameMaster_Ben account.

Also, I think the other Eldritch account might be me as well, but I can't actually be positive of that. If the other Eldritch account's email goes to something like eldritch05 at lycos, gmasterben at xoommail, or psi_scorpion at yahoo, then it's me, and can be destroyed. And then I can chop the annoying 05 off the end of this account and all will be good.

Posted on 2004-02-19 17:02:27



Posted on 2004-02-19 21:55:14


My old account was "Interference." I lost the password aeons ago and the e-mail for it was back when I was using Freeserve, who have since shut my account down. My old e-mail was, although I might have used my old netscape account which was which is also dead.

Could you delete the old account and change my current username to just plain old Interference, sans 22?

If you could carry over the "registered" date too that would be excellent.

Posted on 2004-04-12 00:28:48 (last edited on 2004-04-12 00:30:27)


Greetings, I used to browse this website back in the bygone days as "Slade". My email used to be the now defunct My email address used to be I now have a different email address, is there anyway I can have my old account back?

Posted on 2004-04-16 06:35:42


Yes there is! You must email me at my account (mcgrue AT verge-rpg DOT com) and I will guide you from there!

Posted on 2004-04-16 07:04:53


Hiya. I may be remembered from the help boards (circa V1, early V2) as Feyr. Somebody might even remember the preprocessor I wrote for VC that implemented structs, or my VC coding tutorial. I've been popping in and out every now and then to check on Verge's progress, and I seem to have recreated my account at one point, but I can't figure out what password I used. Or I guess it's possible that my account expired. My past email addresses have all had 'feyr', 'khobbs' or 'kevinhobbs' in them. and disposable addresses are the ones I've used the most in the past, but none that I can remember show up in the user database, according to the error messages.

Anyway, it would be nice if I could get Feyr back (assuming there's not an active user already) since I have some code I'd like to submit. The closest thing to proof I can offer is to point you to my online journal, which has the username 'feyr', my current email address (kevinhobbs at, and a couple years or so worth of posts. If that's not acceptable, or someone else is active on the name then I'll use another. Thanks.

Posted on 2004-10-01 21:31:27

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