Download the Current Engine [PC] [Mac OSX].

If you download the current engine, you will notice a lot of files. Some of these files might be unnecessary, depending on what you're doing. If you want, you can get away with a fairly barebones set of files. All games definitely need verge.exe, fmod.dll, and a system script. To use Lua, you need two more files: verge.cfg (with "lua 1" in it) and system.lua. To use VC, you just need system.vc, since the default setting if there isn't a verge.cfg setting found is to use VC.

Here are some of the contents of the Current Engine download look like in the Windows version, and what they do:

  • chrmak5 - The command-line sprite creator for Verge3, which makes CHR files. See the documentation for more details.
  • maped3 - Maped3 is the Verge3 Map Editor. It loads, edit, and creates 2D tile maps for use in Verge. See the documentation for more details.
  • packed - A program that edits and creates Verge3 .pak files, which are collections of graphics, sound, and code contained in a single file. Packfiles are kind of like a zip file, but only Verge3 uses them. (Documentation is needed, but it shouldn't be too bad to figure out if you fumble around a bit).
  • verge - Verge is the actual Verge3 engine. When you download a game, you run Verge.exe to run the game.
  • verge.cfg - A configuration file which changes various engine-related settings, like screen size, audio, scripting engines, and more. Read this to see what settings are available.
  • fmod.dll - A music playback library. It is one of the few files Verge.exe requires. See FMOD's website for more details.
  • *.dll (the other dlls) - various components used by maped3 or packed.
  • darin.mak - A sample sprite creation file. ChrMak5 uses these to create V3 sprites.
  • darin.pcx - The actual graphic data for a sprite. PCX is an old-fashioned graphic format similar to BMP.
  • readme.txt - This is a readme from Verge’s creators, which tells you more about the engine.
  • v3changes.txt - The change log that's updated from build to build. View here for the most recent change log.
  • v3vergec.txt - This is code reference with all types of information on functions and variables for VergeC. When you learn to program in VergeC, this will come in handy.
  • system.vc - This is a sample system VC file. It will just display a popup message saying Verge works and exit.
  • system.lua - This is a sample system Lua file. It will just display a popup message saying Verge works and exit.


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Talkback #4 written by Keast on 2012-03-29.

maped only saves the .map files in the directory it's currently placed in. Not good!

Talkback #3 written by mcgrue on 2012-03-12.

Fixed. Thanks for the catch!

Talkback #2 written by racetiger1 on 2012-03-12.

Im getting a 404 error when trying to click the Download the Current Engine link.

Talkback #1 written by verge-rpg.com on 2012-03-12.

This is the talkback thread for the documentation page: Engine

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